Anyone get the Office Space reference? No? Ok anyways we joked about this the other day as Finn is JAZZED about wearing pins on his shirt. Wee circle pins with cute graphics on them. It started me thinking how in the 80’s, pins were EVERYWHERE. Duran Duran, Corey Hart, Platinum Blonde, MJ – we all had flare to wear on our neon t-shirts and jean jackets. Flare shows team spirit, political views (without being dicky), and best of all – personality. Not everyone can pull it off, and I certainly don’t condone big christmas tree brooches that light up (Anything you label a brooch is not allowed0. But, I’ve been known to enjoy tucking a wee pin onto a satchel, or hat even though I’m nearly 40 :) The kids love them, and it’s a super cheap purchase (score!).

If you are so inclined you can even make your own :)

This post is dedicated to the lost art of pin wearing cause I think we all could use a little more flare!

Bottom pins from Sick On Sin

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