So normally this blog is home to rants and fun shopping lists and I have to say that when I decided to finally update my portfolio, I realized it’s been almost two years since I’ve done it. Whoa… The age old saying, too busy designing for other people to design anything for myself. Well, I don’t think it’s an actual saying, but it’s my truth.

There many projects I can’t showcase on my site, things that I do for big wigs that have copyright hoo ha and all that jazz, and while I’d love to show you everything, these smaller projects are what keep me going as a designer. The brands are never boring and they continuously put a smile on my face. I can whip up a mean proposal but it’s the cool innovators that keep my devotion to my job.

A lot has happened in two years so check out my port’folio’ page for a full run down.

I want to first give a HUGE shout out to a few amazing ladies that I work with each month. My regulars if you will even though there is nothing regular about them :)

First is Karen from Citrus Silver, who has been a client for many years. Her hand stamped jewelry is both beautiful and meaningful, plus I’m really digging her new Canadiana collection made from pennies. She offers great deals all the time hence the ever changing lovely ads I design for her site (ahem, Valentines day is fast approaching guys…). I can’t include all that I do for her, you’ll just have to bookmark her site and check it out :) Karen’s ads are always colourful and fun and continuously brighten my day.

Second is Mary from…Lavish, to She Who Dares to ME&Co. to The Wedpreneur…you name it, this woman can do it. I’ve known Mary from way way back (side note: we’ve never actually seen each other, and dare I say speak on the phone even?) Anyways, she is the most incredible wedding planner/organizer/designer. I used to update her site and drool over the beautiful weddings she’s cultivated. I do a ton of co-lab work with her, branding her own businesses as well as assisting her clients with their brands. She is a marketing specialist in all things wedding and I love love love the work we do together. Distance aside, she gets me and I get her and it just works!

Third is Janet from The Story Co., who I ‘think’ might be my longest running co-lab partner – I think 14 years? Ok I’ll shut up before you all figure out I’m actually 65. Janet is from the lovely Regina, SK so we began working together sight unseen and for the life of me I can’t recall how we even found each other, but a simple phone call and we knew it was going to be a perfect fit. She is a brilliant marketing and brand builder, her vast client list speaks for itself, but it’s also the work she does to give back to her community which always amazes me. Our co-lab work is truly effortless, she provides the big picture, the plans, and I formulate the designs based on her envisioned aesthetic. It’s a true and incredible co-lab that uses both our strengths to shine. The years have produced great work, but also a great friendship.

So I think you can gather that yes, I’m a recluse, but also that the distance doesn’t matter in the least when you work with people this amazing :) Gushing over! Let see the goods…