This winter I think I’m totally becoming a dude, obsessing over lumberjack fabrics, wool, checks, and actually drinking beer on occasion – I know – WHOA. I’m even wearing socks! Yes for those who know me well, know I hate socks, but my lovely friend Beth gave me some checked Roots socks for Xmas and I’m totally smitten.

Setting me aside from true dudedom is that no, I’m not watching porn or hockey so I suppose I’m still me. And the one or two dudes who read this will probably say that these things are totally not dudeish as they don’t give a shit about home decor or fancy socks. Dave Chappelle once said – if I dude could pick up chicks in a cardboard box, he would live in a cardboard box. Regardless I thought I would do a fluff post on some of my new favorite things this winter. Stay warm!

cupcake wrapper

Super cute for a winter party.

axe art

Suppose I can’t do this with kids in the hosue… HEY MOM WATCH ME SWING THIS THING!


I love this paddle from Roots…Troy you reading this?


Roots leather goods. Gorge. (Yes I’m quoting Barbie on Netflix)


A hidden mini bar – perfect for Rye Guy AKA my husband…


I wish I could have a wedding do over…


Anything with +’s I love – whether it’s the swiss alps connection who knows, it’s amaze! (Yes I’m watching too much Barbie…)


Can I live in this outfit everyday?

beer decal

Beer wall decals from

bear staple remover

Completely useless but so quirky I think I need this.


Just thought I’d pop this handsome fella in too. Hellooooo.