So last night I had quite a bit of labor pains which shouldn’t happen as I am only 34 weeks along. I woke up feeling better and am totally fine now…however…I decided to look on the internet for reasons why I felt bad last night wanting to make sure all

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was still ok. Big mistake. I now have a list of about 10 things that could be very bad, ranging from miscarriage to sick babies born early, to a major health issue for me. I had to shut it down. This happened when I was pregnant with Finn and about 25 weeks along, well I thought my water broke. We flew to the car, revved the engine, made it to Barrie in record time only to find out after a few hours in waiting that oh sorry miss you must have just peed a little. Feeling like a dummy who is incontinent we left very greatful, but still feeling like a dummy. I understand why they list all this stuff, I really do. But I think sometimes you need to shut off the computer and just go through the motions without the endless drama. I am sure it was nothing, and that I will not be delivering today, so I am going to take it easy, rest up and go on with my day. (Sigh of relief)…but I did pack a bag just in case as I don’t trust Troy to be able to figure out what underwear I will need at the hospital – now THAT would be the bigger thing to worry about :)

No lie, this is what we ladies need after labor...ugh