Recently I began to follow @WhoWhatWear on twitter (& online) which I was assured would be just another fashion resource that didn’t really show me what I wanted to see. I have low expectations when it comes to this because my fashion eye isn’t quite the same as the average. Needless to say I WAS SO WRONG.

I am most definitely not a fashionista but I love contrasting pattern and I love clothes especially when they are showcased in an unconventional way. I work from home, so I don’t own a suit (in fact I don’t recall ever owning a suit), and I think I have one pair of dress pants which are not even black. If I’m invited to a fancy event I go into a tail spin because I lack lovely dress wear even though I owe multiple dresses. Think sundresses on the beach with a rocker tee over top is more my staple. I hate winter because I never know what to wear to feel pretty and comfortable which is key. In fact the main reason I took up skiing was that I love the slope style outfit choices to get me through the harsh winter. Regardless, I can’t relate to many brands out there because they are not tailored to my eye. I love Roxy and Aerie but I’m 42 now and I feel it’s time to explore a more mature angle but still keep my love of that beachy look. Casual harmony, I was told, was my style statement and it still resonates to this day, so what is a girl to do when most cute date night outfit ideas feature jeans and a blouse and I hate wearing both? Or when I want to wear something floral and flowy and it’s -40 in the dead of Canadian winter?

Well, along came Who What Wear in my twitter feed and I have to say it has inspired me daily. Their topics are fun and always intrigue me, plus their pics are snagged from such a diverse collection of body shapes that I can easily tell weather the outfit would work on someone of my size. I LOVE LOVE this part. Sure skinny jeans and a ruffled blouse looks great on a super model but oh wait, hey, this girl is about my size and she still looks boss. Sweet. I also love the things I have learned from the site, like new ways to rock a sweater, or how to wear a summer dress in the middle of winter (YAY!), and my new obsession which is pairing sneakers with dressier outfit choices.

They showcase style icons like Selena Gomez and provide shopping resources if you are so inclined. Now don’t get me wrong, for me it’s mostly for inspiration, I mean, a lot of the outfits are WELL above my price range but it’s the ideas that are sparked which keep me coming back for more. I find myself looking in new areas of a store now, trying on pieces I might not have look at before.

I also love playing a game with my 9YO when I browse through some outfits on what do you think this dress costs and I love hearing his answers…Um 2, 756 bucks? Right again Finn! He’s got an eye for the finer things :)

I’ve included some ideas of what the articles are like below, but for me this place was a game changer…happy shopping! And happy Fri-Yay!