So Tuesday was my 8th wedding anniversary and as much as we like to stay romantic, it is a wee difficult with a 2 year old. So we decided to be all family unit and crap and decided to all go to dinner at a semi nice place. We grabbed a big ‘c’ shaped booth which Finn was nice enough to stay in..mostly…We brought cars for him to play with, ordered him Chicken Nuggets which I felt I should have ordered as they were quite tasty and he seemed relatively happy albeit really hyper. As most parents can a-test to, when you have a kid your embarrassment tolerance goes way up. You are forced to change crap diapers in public coffee houses (right Groundswell ladies!), you breastfeed in front of teens popping in for their lunchtime caffeine (again, Groundswell is very tolerant of us moms). You deal with tantrums with a smile in the middle of Toys r us, and you are somehow able to pick your kids nose in public without batting an eyelash…gross I know, but sometimes it is either that, or stare at a green booger during lunch – you choose. So Finn was having a great time and then all of a sudden he jumps up onto the booth, tears come streaming down his face and he starts frantically yelling “FINN POOPY!”, “MY POOPY!”…over and over again. Apparently it was a bit painful coming out and he felt the need to get out his frustration and tell the restaurant, my god this poop was awesomely huge! I felt bad for the lovely family next to us having dinner with their teens, the lone dude at the bar who is probably here to avoid his own poopy diapers and the lovely old couple have a nice glass of vino before dinner…but truthfully we looked at each other and laughed. I grabbed Finn, some diapers and headed for the restroom with a big smile on my face and hoped that people felt it was

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at least a little bit funny too. It was still funny when 30 minutes later it happened again… I have included a picture of Finn yelling at me on a walk this weekend as this was pretty much the depth of his sorrow over his poop…now I think we can all relate a little bit can’t we?