So alright, not exactly will this post reflect my post title but I couldn’t think of anything more uplifting this morning. A terrible weekend in this house, snot, barf, coughs, sore teeth, sore bums, no fun, no sleep. I’m not going to dwell on the fact that I’m running on caffeine this morning and right now is the first time since Sunday morning that Wren has slept, nope these are first world

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problems and I am going to deal with my pain like I always do, with humor and sarcasm. First things first, last night solidified my decision to never have another baby again as I just can’t handle the no sleep nights. I feel angry the whole night, nearly punch Troy when he tries to help me, and then wake up ready to book a flight to cuba never to be seen again. I’m just not a patient mom when it comes to all nighters. I couldn’t even handle them while single and pretty (yes there’s my pity party developing so I’ll switch gears :). So that’s good, decision made – thinking positive! Secondly I should try and think of all the wonderful things I can accomplish while forced to be awake at night. Right off the bat I figure I could be one hell of a neighbourhood watch person while I stare out the window with dagger eyes, ready to snag any perp I spy. I could be a real asset truly. I was up to hear poor Chad begin his night shift at 4am, so why couldn’t I catch juvenile deliquents and become a local hero crazy lady that the high schoolers egg every halloween? At least I would gain props with the seniors and maybe garner a medal someday. Yup thinking positive! I could also start listening to books on my ipod too, which would catch me up on all the great books I want to read, plus it would muffle the screams emitting from Wrens lips – another great idea! Then I could start a book club and be like why couldn’t you finish the seven books we assigned this week, I mean, what were you doing? Sleeping? For suckers! I could also start working on my lunges while I hold the kid as parish the thought that she stops rocking in the air. Nope, no sitting for late night moms, it’s walking around, dancing, swaying, dipping, the only way to get them calm is to be mobile – so yup, great legs for me – yippee! Yes I think I’ve got some great ideas brewing here. I am definitely turning my life into lemonade. Bitter, crappy, pulpy lemonade. Awesome. (yes there’s the sarcasm)