the name

I often get asked WHY FRESHLY HATCHED? Do you have chickens? Were you drunk when you chose the name?

The simple answer is no chickens, and I was hugely pregnant (so, not drunk!). The more complex answer is that I had about 24 hours to come up with a name, a business plan and launch a solo design firm. No problem!


It’s simple really. TO CREATE unique and highly engaging BRANDS for businesses of any size. TO BUILD seriously un-serious (RE: no confusing computer coding geek speak allowed) WEBSITES that are functional and visually stunning. 

At the end of our design adventure, you will have officially been FRESHLY HATCHED into the world, ready with all the brand/web tools needed to focus on the good stuff. YOUR PASSION.

kelly, this is your life…

Back in the day, I worked for a groovy start-up with big dreams and a team of amazing young designers. Then we were acquired by a software giant which I won’t name, but rhymes with Mun Sicrosystems. Quickly the corporate ‘man’ took all the fun out of design and I was left writing time sheets, attending boring ‘critical path’ meetings and wondering how I got ‘here’.

In 2003, I co-founded Kanvas Ink., a graphic design house specializing in brand identity and Flash website creation. We developed some really cool stuff for big wig clients like Rogers Wireless but were also thrilled to brand small, one person start-ups. I’m still uber proud of our greeting card line that were featured in 8 national magazines including Style at Home, Chatelaine and Lou Lou. In 2006 I was in need of a fresh new take on life, so I packed up my hubby, big dog & scary doll collection and headed off into the sunset a la green acres style.

FRESHLY HATCHED was launched in 2008, continuing my creative design passion. Along the way I somehow popped out two kids (like wha?), and dived into writing YA & New Adult books in my free time (meaning I stay up super late and fangirl like a nerd when my family is sleeping).

Venturing out on my own was the perfect cocktail of independence + soul searching I needed in order to chillax, re-prioritize, and re-fresh my design perspective. Now each day I sit in my little office and marvel at how I got ‘here’ … the best job in the world.

my crazy life

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