I’ve been on a curtain rampage like a zillion times looking for something new to update my rooms. Call me nuts as I know some (or most) of you will, but it’s a bit of an obsession for me.

I’ve been to all the big box stores, and I HATE them all. They’re cheap, the patterns are typically lame (please no more embroidered florals), the fabric mostly cheapy (no more sateen, NO!) and my living room requires over 100 inches in length due to the high ceilings which leave me frustrated beyond belief when I’ve found one I sort of like and they are all 84 inches – grrrr. I’ve always gravitated to IKEA for this reason and I have about 7 different colours of the infamous grommet IKEA numbers.

I’ve done it all, and this is what I’ve discovered. I will only ever get a curtain custom made, or buy from West Elm. So much so that this winter I woke up in complete frustration, chucked Wren in the car, drove straight into the city, bought my curtains and picked up and left immediately to avoid traffic on this 90 min commute. So in  my inbox this morning, they are having a sale and I thought I would share some of my favourites from the glorious West Elm.


In my living room and I adore these, the fabric is thick for privacy and I can see the design from outside which I equally love.


Who doesn’t love stripes?


Ikat is a bit of an obsession for me.


Another ikat and this is in my kitchen :)


These were a close second to the living room scribble design.


So pretty.


Awesome for summer.


I have these in my bedroom, got them on sale at end of season, I love them inside or out.