A few items that have been my tech wallpaper, and a few that are so going to be…

Design Love Fest // freshlyhatched.ca

currently on right now…Design Love Fest has AWESOME dress your tech wallpapers.

Hell // freshlyhatched.ca

Or it is joining circle time at the early years centre…

Doubt // freshlyhatched.ca

No doubt.

Natalie Dee // freshlyhatched.ca

This is me.

xmas // freshlyhatched.ca

Cute even if it is in a Christmas theme which I obviously hate.

Natalie Dee // freshlyhatched.ca

This is my dog.

sleep sucks // freshlyhatched.ca

I often think this at 2AM…not once thinking about the fact that my kids will be up in 4 hours.

cheese // freshlyhatched.ca

Ahhhh cheese, the thing that brings Troy and I together.