So this week I went to see Lisa at the cutting edge, the a-dot go to girl for great hair. I love whatever she does and I really don’t stress out my hair too much seeing as I went in thinking I wanted the ends to be pink (which she nicely told me I was too old for), and then she spoke about a cutting class she took where they taught her a cut in which you shave a part of your head and I am like – hmmm, let’s do it! But she vetoed me again, which I am grateful for…sorta.

We decided on red which she suggested but I was secretly super pumped about for the geekiest of reasons. I won’t divulge that reason because then I look like a strange super fan of something which I won’t admit :) Ok ok, the main character in my fav book, which is coming to the movies in August, is going to be played by Lily Collins and I think she’s the freakin’ prettiest so there I said it – I wanted to be red like her. Nerd.

Ok but my main point of this was that some people get all excited about their hair, like OMG I put in three highlights – it’s sooooo different – amazing – why is nobody noticing? Maybe they hate it? Maybe they think it’s ugly? Maybe I should never try it again! Seriously you have to know that everyone is so involved in their own personal drama that they don’t give a rats ass about your hair. They are looking at you thinking about their own issues and wouldn’t notice if you DID shave your head partially…well, maybe THAT.

When I came home I checked myself out in the mirror a few times, my mom said she liked me blonde better but that this was pretty, Troy said his typical – ‘OHHHH sleeping with a NEW woman tonight’ & ‘I love those redheads’ in a southern drawl a la dazed and confused, and my Dad said something about the baseball game he was watching and the topic was passed.

When my neighbour saw me the next day and was like – hey you’re red! I was thinking what are you talking about? It had been less then 24 hours and I forgot that I even did it. So in a tribute to my new hair, I will actually acknowledge that I am now a different color for those who sorta care a little bit and pay hommage to all the ladies who can rock the red hair way better then I can.