Alrighty, so it’s been a number of months since I’ve geeked out on you with a book review and so I thought for this freezing cold Wednesday, why not discuss vampires! So cheers to the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead! I’m quite late in finding this 6 book read, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to like it so much. I know you scoff and say, whaaaaattttttt? Kelly not loving every vampire series going? It’s true, I’m picky. I actually decided to read it based on the fact that there is a movie coming out in Feb. and I liked the chick in the trailer – Zoey Deutch so I gave it a whirl and pretty much read each book in two days, finishing the series in two weeks and garnering a stern lecture from Troy that buying a book every two days on Kobo is stupid and fiscally irresponsible. PFFFFTTTTT. In a nutshell, let’s see if I can convince you to read it: So there’s Rose and Lissa. Rose is a guardian of Lissa who is a vampire. Not an evil vampire, but a pretty one with powers – ohhhhh, are you hooked yet? No. Ok, so then walks in Dimitri, a Russian fighting instructor at the academy who begins to train Rose to be really bad ass. Plus he’s super hot with an accent, getting warmer? In the first few books, it’s about training, protecting Lissa from evil vampires and jerks who want to use her gifts to bring back the dead, but the best one, I think is Blood Promise, when everything goes to crap, and Rose takes off on her own. I’m trying not to tell you what happens because that will ruin it, but people die, sadness ensues and the characters battle their dark sides. Ohhhhh chilling… One bright note in the series is the introduction of Adrian, which I can’t recall which book he was introduced in, but whom I would personally have chosen over the hot instructor, but only because I like the skinny, disheveled damaged guys. Yes I’m deep. I also love how Rose can kick some serious ass, and yet has a great wit about her. The movie trailer is fun and I’m quite intrigued to see another film from the folks who wrote Heathers – one of the best flicks from my long spent youth. There aren’t a lot of huge surprises in the book, well a couple, but it was really fun, REALLY addictive and I can’t wait to drag my standing movie date partner, Kristin, to it on V-day! Surprise my friend, you have to leave your husband at home because Valentines Day is now Vampire Day with me! Ok wait, I think I’m onto something. I am now changing valentines day to vampire day making

it the best day of the year – like for reals. Sorry Finn, no chocolate hearts for you, it’s fake blood, pointy teeth, and red wine. Well wine for me, not for you. You can have chocolate milk and wear your cape to school. I’m like the coolest mother ever! Happy Wednesday Bitches. :) Vampire Academy books // Vampire Academy //