Let’s be clear, I hate Valentine’s day.

But I love pink.

And chocolate.

So I am in the crux of all cruxes. It’s like the Horcrux of all cruxes (Harry Potter fans unite!).

Do I decorate and fall into the contrived, singleton shaming, cannot even get a reso at Ikea (it’s a thing!) crap trap or pretend this dumb holiday burned to the ground with all the xmas trees at the annual holiday tree burn?

With sluggish feet I made my way to the dollar store…

Not because I’ve suddenly got a change of heart and it grew 3 sizes, I don’t. I still hate this holiday, but I’ve got kids. Kids love this shit. Who am I to stand in the way of their dreams? And hey…chocolate. So I traversed, I perused, I bought pink hearts and foil wrapped candy and hopefully the kids will walk in the door and appreciate the sacrifices I make to my core values for them.

In the same breath all valentines decor that talks about love and #blessed hearts suck. I focused on the cute and the pink and the glittery on my Pinterest board below, end of story.


Bacon hearts. Done.

I dislike endorsing amazon but Martha Stewart has her shit together and I love her.


This has nothing to do with anything but the fact it’s pink and I love ikea plushies.

I got this at the dollar store – no joke!

I usually have some sort of banner up all year round. This is made from simple pretty twine and pink stickers – A fun project for kids to do for their rooms…not my living room, I’m too OCD for that.

Those with kids likely have those ikea rolls of paper kicking around which I tend to use for most fancy dinner parties so my kids can write on them during the meal (kid fancy is what I meant) but I love this simple DIY.