I think I’ve already reviewed Unspoken as it was out awhile ago – loved it, but when Untold was coming out I re-read it to re-fresh and I re-loved it again :)

The best part of Sarah Rees Brennan is her character banter. It brings me back to the days of Joss Whedon, fulfilling my Buffy The Vampire Slayer withdrawl. The characters are witty and I often think ‘what would Sarah say?’ when trying to spew out something intelligent and har har-ish between my characters.

I was going to relay the synopsis to my husband and it came out all wrong because I was giggling and he always looks at me like I’ve got lobsters crawling from my ears when I talk books, preferring to read physics texts and gawker over supernatural teenage drama, but here’s my attempt at the gist of it.

The main chick, Kami, can hear a voice in her head – a guy – Jared (swoon!). They’ve spent their lives talking to each other, feeling what each other are feeling and fully believing they are just a little batty in the brain with their ‘imaginary pal’. But then…drum roll please! They find out that each other actually exist when Jared moves back to Sorry-in-the-Vale (love this town name) and chaos ensues! Well, perhaps not chaos but a price has been put on Kami’s head and you spend the book trying to figure out who the evil mastermind is – MUUUUWWAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA! You love them, you hate them (well only jared when he asks like a dick), but then you love them again. There’s a bit of a Scooby gang thing going with Kami’s narcoleptic best friend Angie, her sexy (and equally sleepy) brother Rusty, beautiful blond bombshell Holly, and cousins Jared (swoon again!) and Ash. There’s love, lust, animal sacrifices, and best of all – amazing outfit choices for Kami!

Untold picks up your heart, after it’s been ripped into two and smashed between Sarah’s kitten heeled boots, since Unspoken, mends it (sort of), then rips it out again, and you don’t care because you are in for the long haul and are happy to be sad because that means you are still reading the book. Typically when I like a novel, it takes me a few days to finish, in between work/kids/life crap, but Untold took just over a 24 hour period for me and I had to sleep in there too…a little :)

I’ve included some of the best quotes from the book for you to enjoy – but seriously, if you like YA, you will love this series. I also follow Sarah on twitter (@sarahreesbrenna), revelling in her woodland creatures stalkings and Game of Thrones/Teen Wolf summations. It makes me want to fly to Ireland and stalk her proper! Kidding! Or am I?……

unspoken // untold // freshlyhatched.ca

“Why are you putting on lip gloss, my daughter?” Dad asked. “Trip to the library? Trip to the nunnery? I hear the nunneries are nice this time of year” …
“Is this true, Kami? Are you going out on a date?” Dad asked tragically. “Wearing that? Wouldn’t you fancy a shapeless cardigan instead? You rock a shapeless cardigan, honey.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, Unspoken

“The Lynburns built this town on their blood and bones.”
“That was their first mistake,” Jared said. “They should’ve built a city on rock and roll.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, Unspoken

“When Jared smiled, his teeth were stained with fresh scarlet. “Don’t you hate me?” he demanded. “I’d hate me.”
“You just tried to drown yourself,” Ash said. “You seem to hate yourself plenty already.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, Untold

“You’re crazy,” said her best friend, Angela, as the bell rang to signal five minutes before the first class on the first day back at school.
“They said that about all the great visionaries.”
“You know who else they said it about?” Angela demanded. “All the actual crazy people.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, Unspoken