Yeah so I’m not sure why I’m procrastinating on this, it’s been up on Kobo and Amazon for a few days, but here is my post with the info for anyone interested in reading my book. Wow that sounded so clinical and boring. I should say, who wants to read my book??!!! You?! Do it!!

First, huge thanks to my supporters on this LOOOOOONG project, you are all amazing and I apologize for the many spelling mistakes you were forced to endure (grammar is my nemesis) and the fact that you have to re-read the book. I promise it’s better! ‘Ungraceful’ is a full rewrite of ‘Fall From Grace’, which in my opinion, improved the story two-fold. It’s pretty different in content due to the fact that, ahem, I wrote book 2 and realized I didn’t actually plan the ending, I just wrote and wrote and assumed it would fall into place. I was wrong. Yes I admit to my folly, and to the fact that I needed to add in and take out some characters in order to improve flow and all that good stuff. Plus I really love writing Hunters’ character so you get more of him :)

The name change came about after realizing ‘Fall From Grace’ is a super popular title name on e-book sites. So now we are ‘Ungraceful’ which is actually more of an accurate portrayal of Stella. The cover because I’m a graphic designer and I can easily do that. I mean, it was pretty imperative to add in the scull wallpaper in the background – it’s more ‘me’ that way. I also added in a sub title ‘Tales from the sorta dark-ish side’ (yes the darkish spelling mistake is intentional grammatical gurus), in order to let me have more freedom in upcoming books as they tie into the same genre. Plus I figure it was something Stella would totally say. Totes.

As a self published author, the issues are mini but many, and trying to get it to format correctly for all devices is HARD so I apologize if some things are a little out of whack. Also the pricing between the two options (Kobo and Amazon) are a little different due to the dollar and all that jazz. There is probably a simple solution but I’m (AGAIN) procrastinating in the fine details. I need to get this bad boy out there so I can focus on the second book which is almost done.

I’ve also been added to Goodreads, which I would love if you posted a review for me, it’s a great way to get exposure. So anyways, I digress, procrastination over. I won’t dick around anymore, here she is, be gentle on me and for those who like it – you are obviously my favourites :)


I’ve got a secret. A sorta dark-ish ‘sometimes cool’ but steadily morphing into a ‘ruining my life while I attempt (and fail) to avoid any and all brutal maimings’ kind of secret.

Will we girls ever learn? No probably not, but history repeats as my story begins with a guy. Yes, there’s always a guy. Asher. Freaking. Grey.

Before HIM, I was blissfully ignorant of my current crap storm. I was graduating high school, selecting tupperware for my new bachelor pad in New York (shut up, it’s exciting!), getting straight A’s across the board … OK that’s a lie, but otherwise, everything was pretty ordinary. Sorta boring actually, definitely not ‘death knocking on your door’ exciting, however, I can now say with all honestly, boring is underrated.

I should have known from the start that someone with hair that perfect would have A) a shifty evil side and B) boat loads of neurotic baggage. My alarm bells should have been ringing off the charts, but said bells were being quashed by raging teenage hormones. If someone could bottle those suckers up, I’m pretty sure it’d be more potent then nuclear warfare.

I’ve been informed that I’m not who I thought I was. Actually NOTHING is how I thought it was. Is this a good thing? The jury is still out, but I guess avoidance of said maimings will be my new measure of success at life. Awesome.