It’s no secret that this isn’t my favourite time of year. It’s expensive, I stress way too much over gift giving, its commercialism sickens me, I’m always running to keep up with my to-do list and I find the kids excitement exhausting. I know Bah Humbug bleech. So we decorated last night sorta, I mean, I didn’t put up all the decorations, and I sat and wondering if putting the nativity scene behind the toilet was blasphemy but it’s done. I thought I would share my favourite things which I do enjoy…Boooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg I know.

I do love these tags I bought at Homesense…
gift tags //

The crows seem to be calling him thought Caw…yes here is my nod to my dark side with my crow on top of the tree.
caw //

Another homesense find – my reindeer…oh and yes there are my three kids pictures starting with Clifford – the largest and then Finn and wee Wren. In order of importance :)
reindeer //

This ornament is all the way from Troys moms house. It is one of my favourites because of the wee tree :)
christmas house //