For me, Fall is the absolute best time of the year and I’m trying to articulate why. Halloween is obvious due to my obsession with spooky and dressing up, but there is some sort of electricity in the air this time of year that just feels different; primal almost. Suddenly I NEED to watch horror movies, light a zillion candles, break out the flying bats (last weekend), wear lots of black, darken my hair (in a few weeks!), and my mind gravitates to strange and creepy things. I college essay topics uri love to walk Clifford at night and stare at the dark sky, breathing in the cool air as it fills my lungs with excitement. In a word, it’s electric. Kristin would say it’s because I secretly want to be a vampire…well perhaps, but as soon as Oct 31 is over, the mood shifts and depression hits. I really do hate Christmas so perhaps it’s my forethought to that horrid looming holiday. Fall is really the best of the best. Period. Dressing up as zombies, eating mini chocolate bars, watching your husband continually spy on cell phone using imei number mulch, refusing to pick up a rake. Sipping warm blueberry tea around a camp fire, wearing cool boots you can’t wear in the winter due to slush ruiners, donning hats for fashion and a little warmth before you switch to ugly touques and allowing yourself that extra scone because it isn’t as if you need to wear a bikini next weekend. Pure greatness. It is fleeting to be sure – a few weeks and we will be unable to sport sweaters as outer help with dissertation writing wear, unable to avoid the rake as 10 billion leaves fall in our yard and unable to brave a fire at night. The patio will be packed away and the winter mitts will be unleashed. Yes it is short, but it is incredible so I spy on phone without access to phone will enjoy this time, walk the dog at phone spy app midnight and cram in as many old slasher flicks as I can. Boo.