So this past weekend we partook in the ever sophisticated event that is our summer ball tournament. I like to do the numbers wrap for these things to bring perspective to folks on how ridiculous we are :) 9 Bikes a ridin’ (there might have been more but there were too many to count) 1 Nearly doggie death disaster averted! Fecking Clifford… 2 Toes broken (thanks to my husband and his spontaneous burpee on Nickels foot) 2 Ropes double dutching 82 Our deserter Francis’s number whom we proceeded to heckle and fog horn during the duration of his new teams’ game…they really love us now 34 The average temperature both Saturday and Sunday 2 (AM) The time we finally shut the deck dance party down…although Troy seems to have kept it going by spy app himself but that is a story for another day 10 (AM) The bluetooth mobile phone spy software free download time of our Sunday game apres dance party (gag) 8 Number of advils consumed to ward off sun stroke headaches 2 Amount of emergency beer runs that had to commence over the course of the weekend 1 alarm on Julies phone reminding us of the dreaded beer store closure resulting in the first emergency run 312 beers consumed…no it’s not a mistake 100 What I paid my sitter to watch 4 kids and give us all piece of mind and much appreciated assistance – worth every penny 3 swim suits I got to sport over the weekend 5 pizzas consumed in a frenzy uclan assignment help 1 NEAR miss for me in right field as the ball grazed my glove thereby continuing my 0 catches in baseball stat (sucks) Some snaps that captured our debauchery: 11055369_10155914337960595_7872885158574382276_n Chads beer bus heading to the diamond to watch our traitorous Francis play. 11215168_10155914337940595_944336698093739391_n Our beer guy. 11169152_10155913048605595_2578656377536912197_n And so the double dutch contest ultimate bluetooth mobile phone spy software edition 2008 began. 11700876_10155913049350595_8750512492027109241_n The lift on Dwayne! 11737861_10155913049405595_8544335775002968686_n Dueling dutchers. 11692565_10155910666810595_6174660776934580336_n The strike out hat looks amazing on Sam :) 11403452_1453167661672712_4104242112069781879_n The shenanigans bike gang.