I think it’s probably a fair statement to say that I am a terrible procrastinator. Now that statement shouldn’t be confused with lazy or messy or uninspired. It just means that when I have to complete a task that I hate such as emptying the dishwasher or doing my taxes, or organizing my closet, well, let’s just say that I need a hefty push (or kick) in the ass.

It came about yesterday as I was sorta cleaning my office desk, very half heartedly and only because I need to find Finn’s baptism certificate ASAP. I came across two items that made me think: you are an adult, get your SHIT together. One was a new credit card that I received in 2014 and had yet to activate, the other was a health card which I recall a nurse providing for me telling me that it is IMPERATIVE that I enter my kids immunizations online for whatever reason…and that was from 2014 as well.

Let me preface that over the weekend a friend found it hilarious that I always have food on hand to entertain spur of the moment, or just in general she has no idea where I store anything because our house is so small. The bottom line is that I hate clutter, I dump to goodwill regularly and viciously. But there are some things I just put off until I have a melt down like yesterday and realize I need to get something done. It was time.

That something was a big metal container that I have on top of my filing cabinet in my only closet, in which I have thrown every bill, every child project, everything papery from over a year ago. I didn’t even properly file it during tax time. I took out the right documents and then shoved them back in the container and back into the closet.

Well last night I made that closet my bitch. I ripped everything out of it, and cleaned out my paperwork. YES I DID!

So some interesting things I found caused me to write this list today…


  • My dogs file was the  biggest file inside of my cabinet. I kept every vet bill since 2005 and those who know my dog know how many bills that would be, prob 100 sheets of paper inside that baby (and countless visa statements – GAH).
  • Troys TWO birth certificates because it was so cluttered before we had to get a new one done up – but now we have two baby!
  • Finn’s baby book – check! Wren’s uh…Wren’s…holy shit did I not do one for her? Quick hide Finn’s we shall never speak of this again.
  • Two DVD/Blue Ray players that we have never used…one is gone to goodwill, we kept the other, the reason I am still unclear but it seemed wasteful.
  • A perfectly good printer that was only used to hold my slouchy boots…gone.
  • A box for every electronic we own – does anyone else do this? We had an apple TV box, Mac Air box, Kobo Box, Acer tablet box..I mean why are we keeping the boxes?
  • Along side that we had a box of remotes from TV’s, and other DVD players we no longer even own. Apparently DVD players are like toilet paper to us.
  • I found my old businesses cheque book which has been out of use since 2008 but for some reason I kept a zillion non useable cheques.
  • A birthday gift I bought for my great friend Rosie from last JUNE. I’m not sure I can still call her a good friend after that shitty stunt on my part. I suck.
  • A four foot high stack of kids crafts from birth to now. Next weeks organizing task.
  • A fog horn – what the?
  • A glass skate beer mug we stole from a bar during the olympics which I think Finn has now stolen from me because he was eyeing it and I can’t find it anywhere.
  • A suit bag – like for business suits. Why we have this I have no idea?
  • A canada saving bond I got as a gift 23 years ago.
  • And finally (drum roll) we found Finn’s baptism certificate! Now he won’t be kicked out of catholic school for terrible heathen parents who can’t even find a basic document that prob should be in it’s own folder with a sticker telling me where to find it…wait a minute…whips our sticker and new file folder…now I can!