This past weekend my mom and dad graciously came to visit and took Mr. Finn for the weekend while Troy and I gallivanted to a cottage with friends. I am so so grateful for them doing this for us but I find it funny to observe how my kid can change in just only 48 hours. Here are some observations about Nana-sitting:

Grammas somehow have an ability to make your child never to want to walk again.

Perhaps it is the cuddling to ‘Nana’s’ bosum that does it, or a smell they emit, or perhaps some sort of magic trick, but Finn just walked over to her and wanted to be carried everywhere. He is a very active 2.5 year old so I find it so odd that I can’t get him to sit still for 4 seconds to change a diaper, but Nana was able to cart him around like a rag doll all weekend…weird.

One cookie for breakfast throws all good eating habits out the window.

I used to be a bit of a new mom nut job and scolded my mom for doing things ‘the wrong way’ but now I say do what you want, just don’t kill him. It takes a whole lot less effort then making a list while she rolls her eyes and thinks to herself that I am the crazy one and if she wants to give pudding pops for lunch then so be it. I mean it’s true, I managed to grow up alive and healthy, but I think they do tend to forget that perhaps a cookie reward for eating all his sugary jam on toast might be pushing it (this actually happened).

Perhaps it is generational too as a few of my friends this weekend left their kids with Grandmas and shared the same feeding criteria as my mom. One friend dropped off her 2 year old and her Mom mentioned that she knows she needed to provide a healthy variety of food over the weekend and was so impressed with herself as she picked up some apple sauce for her Granddaughter. No actual fruits, but apple sauce was the epitome of good eating.

Don’t make a list cause they don’t care.

This ties into the last point as well, but for some reason if I tell my mom to put him to bed at 8, she actually hears: keep him up until 10. I don’t do this because I want to get rid of him (well sometimes) and I do break the rule myself, but I suffer the consequence as he still will get up early and then be over tired to boot. I have no patience for a cranky kid, so I think a sleep schedule is quite crucial. Not to Nana…

My parents stayed an extra day so we could visit with each other and yesterday Finn was all over the place. Lunch was had at Dairy Queen which I can say I have never eaten lunch there before – sundaes only, but it was a ‘special treat’ from Nana so I didn’t complain. Then apparently Finn had to sit on top of the table at lunch as he just isn’t big enough to sit with the rest of us – news to me. Then I had to sit right next to him cause Nana was certain that he would plummet to his death from the picnic table at any moment. Naptime was pushed from 1pm to 4pm which then pushed bedtime to actually 10pm – I know I will suffer a slow death tonight once I pick him up at daycare…Plus his nighttime routine of brushing teeth and getting jammys on which takes about 5 minutes somehow turned into 45 min – how is that possible? Well let me tell you…Nanas love the bath, so he had to have another one before bed, then she had to clean all his toes and nails and give him a little mani/pedi to boot. That kid was sparkling when he came from the bathroom. All lubed up with scented lotions and a lovely combed hairdo that Elvis would be proud of.

So in closing I have to say that I laugh at all these interesting observations and know it will take me a few days to get him back on track and used to eating vegetables again, but Nana’s are some sort of super hero to our kids and I know that these are the times we have to sit back, let them do their thing cause our kids ADORE them for it, and just deal with the backlash with a pasted smile :)