…does not exist. Well not in my group of friends it doesn’t and I am more then happy to see this stereotype disintegrate. I mean, it would be impossible to achieve in the fast pace of our current world. I’m thinking about this as I mention to my Mother today that I had absolutely no part in taking care of Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend aside from setting the table which I made my little boy assist me on, and opening the wine(s). Oh, I did chose the theme dress up, but that was about it. Troy loves his turkey and made the whole meal while I put on a pretty top and watched him from my perch on the bar stools. Another role that isn’t solely mine, but what would have been a few decades ago was child rearing. I’m pretty sure Troy changed more diapers then me this weekend (pretty much due to the fact that it’s the job I hate the most. Poop aside, Wren will kick you in the face with utter abandon for the entire process – not pretty), and he fed the kids the bulk of the meals as well. Now as I write this, it’s painting a pretty poor picture of me – tipsy absent Mom watching TV. I admit I have a ton of help on the weekends, but probably because I do the bulk during the week; there

are some days Troy doesn’t even see Wren. Plus my job has always been the cleaner. I clean up the mess Troy made in kitchen, I decorate, move things around, make it look pretty, and that is a job I LOVE. I haven’t been able to stay as afloat lately but when I can get everyone out of the house for a few hours, it’s like therapy for me. I move things around, change up the chalkboard, stage it for a shoot, and then my family comes home and it goes to hell, and that’s ok. For that 5 min that I can sit down and look around me, I am calm, content and at peace. So yes I will sit there and watch Troy cook, entertain him with twitter jokes, be the DJ, moderate the battle between the kids all while enjoying a good pinot. I don’t feel guilty for not being the perfect ‘housewife’, not one bit. I rock.