Ok another book review in same week, but I am plowing through with force because they are so effing good. Finished The Maze Runner in less then a week, ignoring poor Wren and feeding her gummies, so I could read every spare

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second I could. Again, another book I’ve seen before, and it was in the ‘hit’ pile so I gave it a go. Firstly the fact that the main character is a guy was a big hinderance for me, as I gravitate towards the female lead, but then I read that Stiles from Teen Wolf is going to play him in the upcoming movie and I was smitten. Sometimes putting a face on a character is the best and worst thing. When you envision them a certain way and you read that they have black hair over blond, it can really screw me up. But Dylan O’Brien playing Thomas is exact perfection. So synopsis – ummmm – so Thomas (so cute) wakes up one day with no memory of the past and stuck in a ‘world’ surrounded but a freakin’ crazy maze that changes every night. Doors close to the maze at dusk, keeping them safe from creepy killing machines. Group is all dudes and it follows Thomas (just love him) dealing with this bizarre world. Then one day – holy klunk! A chick arrives bearing words of doom and evil. OHHHHHH. Oh and I forgot to mention all the swear words are words like Klunk and Slit Head cause you can’t swear in YA books so James Dashner created a whole language of swears which bugged me at first and then I found myself calling Finn a Klunk and it was strangely satisfying :) So they are tying to escape the maze and all kinds of cryptic Slit happens ending in a cliff hanger that left me yelping and awake for hours. The movie is out in February (excitement!), and I’m off today to get The Scorch Trials – book two. So what are you waiting for – read this book…NOW! The Maze Runner Maze Runner Group Cast Maze Runner cast This date countdown isn’t accurate, but I loved the shot of everyone.