19 days with 1 husband & 2 kids in 1000 sq ft house.

4 sicknesses

1 hospital visit (Finn with croup, fun)

1 doctor visit (Wren with ear infection, more fun)

0 daycare days :(

250 ($ spent on Clifford for just a regular visit to vet – wtf?)

7 books read :) Jessica Shirvington’s Embrace series and part of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy.

1 hard cover delivered of my first book, Fall From Grace, from Santa :)

200x watching Monsters University for Wren

200x Wren yelling over monsters in her closet

100x listening to Finn roar while watching Dinosaur King

2,000x yelling at Finn to stop jumping on the couch and his sister’s head

1 bust of a tobogganing trip

3 bar Alliston Pub Crawl (don’t judge, small town)

6 melted shot glasses during crawl, when bartender decided to light the zambuca shots on fire in PLASTIC CUPS.

Bottles of wine… too many…

4 feet of snow to shovel