I’ve had this conversation with many people this week…the current phase of quarantine that has us spinning the wheels, going effectively nowhere, the never ending daily nothing.

The covid novelty has worn off, weeks have passed, some have gone back to work, some are still stuck home, but we are all tired of the groundhog day life we have succumb to.

I know we have to stay home, stay focused on the end goal, but it’s getting HARD. The wake up, lather, rinse, repeat of the days are leaving us unsettled and squirrelly. We know we need to cut ourselves some slack, we have to be gentle, but the thought that every single event of 2020 being effectively cancelled is weighing on our mental capacity for positivity.

I’ve watched enough Netflix and I’ve baked enough dessert. My kids now groan at the idea of another ‘family stroll’. Our ability to look at the situation as a bonding agent for us has started to wane. I don’t want to eat shitty anymore, I don’t want to listen to the news, I don’t want to shop online. I want to put on some god damn high heels and sit in a room FULL of my friends. I want to reminisce with equal horror and laughter about that crappy weird time that corona had us holed up in a state of unrest, ordering fashion forward PPE masks by the boatload.

I want to get to the conversations that start with ‘hey remember when people went nuts and bought all the toilet paper?’ and then we laugh and tell our own stories with equal fondness and horror that thank god it has ended.

I dream of a time when I won’t worry that hanging out in a friends backyard might land them with a fat social distance fine. I also don’t want to hear the words social distance EVER FECKING AGAIN. I don’t want to be scared to walk into the wrong entrance at the grocery store. I want to hug and euro kiss my friends anytime I want to.

I don’t want to think about ways to turn my life into something meaningful during ‘this time of reflection’. I want to experience that mundane boring life of walking to get a coffee, not avoiding fellow pedestrians with a wide 6 ft berth or maybe just jumping in the car to eat outside of our own house – gasp – the luxury with which we now view those things.

We are turning on each other, kids to parents, partner to partner, it’s becoming a thing and sadly I think it’s unavoidable. I woke up today thinking I would start a Wacky Wednesday tradition in which we do something we don’t normally do each week but I’m lacking the creativity to come up with an idea.

Maybe something will hit me, maybe I will continue to sit and stare at my online shopping cart wasting another hour of the day. Who knows. I do know that in a couple hours I will go to bed and have to get up and do it all over again. I lift a non-alcoholic glass to all of you who are still thriving in quarantine, but also to tell you to stop posting it on social media, NO ONE wants to see your fancy bread anymore. NO ONE.