First off, yesterday was a banner day in the Hogan household as we embrace the simplicity of Netflix. Finn absorbing the hilarity of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse was a huge win and Wren sitting through Easy A (a personal fav) finally tipping the balance of ‘girl’ in which I now have someone to watch teen movies with! Hurrah!

I haven’t watched a lot of films lately, but after Wren passed out beside me, I ended up turning on another I’ve never heard of called The First Time. Now I’ll begin with a caveat that I didn’t really like the movie, however there is one thing that I think they actually got right so I figured it was a chance for me to pull it to the spotlight. True to the overt naming of the film, it was about a girl and a boy and their first time…sex time. Now, normally teen movies romanticize this life event, glossing it over with tentative make outs, boy laying on shy girl and fade out to afterwards in which they blush and cuddle, kiss good-night and boy leaps into the air with virginity free triumph.

I’m not going to make a blanket statement on this one, but I’ll say that most of you out there can attest to the awkward, embarrassing, and terribly non sexy first time. No one knows what to do (especially if you both share the V card), it’s a completely new, sometimes horrifyingly terrible event between two people, who most likely, share little experience in the field. I’ll stop there because my mother is most likely reading this and some things are better left unsaid.

Back to the movie…

Basically they jumped under the covers, he struggling (GREATLY) with protection, she was freaking out, and after, well, I won’t give it away, but they both recognized that it was NOT what people made it out to be. I think it’s a fair statement to admit that no one can jump on skis and expertly manage the Black Diamond hill, so I’m not sure why you would expect something incredible on day 1. That being said, it sparked a funny convo with my better half on this whole subject which I think is the best part. I don’t think the topic is too taboo to discuss, it’s a real experience that sometimes warrants an audience to make fun of you – especially if it’s a great joke – I know mine was.

I mean, don’t do it at like at a dinner party in which you just blurt out ‘SO, I recall when I lost my virginity – it was hilar!’ But I do think it would be more fair to our kids, if this was broached respectfully but more realistically when you have to have the dreaded talk with your teens. Or rather, scratch that last dinner party comment, I actually DO think it would be pretty great topic when you get together with your mates and retell the horrors, because I’m calling bullshit on anyone who doesn’t have at least one awkward story to rehash. In fact, do it this weekend! You’re welcome :)