Basically my shopping list is stupid. I’m sure many of you can agree that the age old ‘you eat what you’re given and if you don’t then you are out of luck!’ isn’t relevant or practical anymore even as you hear all the lying mothers at play dates claiming that wee Jimmy just LOVES everything. Balls to that. My list consists of four distinct divisions and I challenge any of you to convince me that your kids are different.

  1. Foods only Troy and I eat
  2. Foods only I eat
  3. Foods the kids actually eat
  4. Foods I buy thinking the kids will LOVE them, but they actually hate them

I’ll focus on the kids today…

Foods the kids WILL eat //

(assuming they aren’t sick, cranky, or not in the mood for chewing)

  • Cheese strings (cheese MUST peel in string format)
  • Cereal – Wrens diet consists of rice krispies, solely
  • Gummies – every kind, sour, regular, bears, worms, rings and vitamin format
  • Crackers – ALL brands
  • Boat loads of milk
  • Buckets of eggs – although Finn’s has to be boiled only, and Wren will only eat egg whites unless scrambled
  • Bologna – no judging – Wren is obsessed
  • Baby carrots – but only the fake wee ones that everyone yells at you for feeding your kids. Real ones are apparently gross
  • Freezies + anything ice cream or ice cube format

Foods you buy but they actually HATE//

  • Juice boxes – anyone else have billions of boxes with only a sip taken out of them sitting in your fridge? It’s like they are DYING of thirst and with one sip they are saved and done with that
  • Yogurt – unless you buy the ones with no fruit pieces, fruit pieces are just disgusting I guess
  • Blueberries (or whatever fruit is the most expensive and out of season) – Wren will crush them, pound them into the couch, feed them to the dog. Thanks Wren, that cost me 4 bucks
  • All meat that you have to actually chew (lunch meat not included) – they claim it’s too much work (actual Finn quote)
  • Celery (even if you try putting peanut butter on it) – once Finn chewed on a piece at lunch, still chewed on it while on way to Sobey’s and then STILL had it in his mouth at checkout. I guess it’s un-consumable.
  • Dried fruit – thought this would be a slam dunk with kids, EWWW it looks gross (quote)
  • Fruit cups – EWWWW sick (quote)
  • Anything in casserole format – EWWWW that looks like poop (quote)