Alright so I have a giant chalkboard on my kitchen wall. One that I’ve toyed with taking down, one my mom claims would be way more efficient as cupboards full of dishes I would never use, but instead I have kept it through the years and for that I am SO GRATEFUL.

When I first told Troy to paint me a giant wall chalkboard so that I can draw funny pictures for parties with our friends (my DUFF beer girl being my fav), who in return would draw many (MANY) anatomical illustrations around 1AM or have rounding games of tic tac toe around 2AM, it was purely for fun.

The last fun instalment on my board was for Troys birthday …


It has since morphed through the years to a place for me to draw seasonal interpretations and have little to-do lists which Troy and I never complete … hello we still have to sign our will, but I digress. However, this year with 2 kids in school, it is the fecking school reminders that have filled up the entire crappy thing. Just this week I’ve had to remember the following:

A food drive, which I forgot to buy extra for so I gave all that I had leaving us with nothing for lunches and then Finn replies – “UH granola bars, that isn’t a can of soup”. Shut up kid and take the fucking bars to school, oh and here’s 5 skittles for lunch.

Spirit day in which the kids had to wear blue for the Jays – easy enough until you try and get Wren to wear blue …

Picture week for both (each kid has a unique date for their photo shoot) – awesome.

Hustle together tin cans and twigs for an art project for Finn – which I forgot to do until 8:30 last night leaving me outside in my jammies and a flash light digging through garbage in search of a god damn can. In the end I didn’t have one crappy can in my garbage aside from beer cans, so I had to go inside and throw out some chicken broth. Although let’s be honest, I would never have used it anyways. Then to break up a bunch of sticks on my kitchen table, which Clifford kept eyeing.

Hot lunch day which I have already sign up for but I forgot to write down which dates I paid for so I have no idea when it started so the kids came home Tuesday and I’m like – holy shit you guys are so wasteful you didn’t eat your lunch of skittles and then Finn is like – “Uh MOM! it was pizza day – you totally forgot”. Then I felt bad for yelling at them so I yelled at the chalkboard like it was his fault (yes it’s a he).

Oh and don’t forget Book Order day Friday, and library day for each kid which is, again, 2 different days so I’m like can I ask the teacher to not let them take home library books cause they always choose stupid ones that are way too old for them or super lame and then end up sitting on my kitchen table for the week unused and useless.

So while I am grateful that I have this board to remind me that I am failing as a parent, it would be nice to have a week with nothing to remember so that I can draw something really important like some of my favourite quotes below. Cheers!