So I found this site today and I have to admit it made me stop and think, which I suppose is the point. It’s a concept that is new to me, so I apologize if this is ‘old’ news to all you fancy social media folks :).

It’s called Medium.

medium //

Most days I feel constantly bombarded by the the influx of information thrown at my eyes, but in any case I still search it out. I go on Twitter sometimes before my eyes are really open to the world. I mean what if something happened in the 5 hours I was asleep??!! I’ll follow it up with Facebook for good measure, check in on Fangirlish for breaking news on Teen Wolf, or Divergent, check the weather, check Goodreads for new books out today, check Fab for design inspiration, check Pinterest to make me feel extra lazy and unfashionable, check the news (it’s sad how late in my list this one it) and finally, check emails. Check, check, check. This is all in a matter of 15 minutes, that a shit load of crap I’m taking in before 6AM.

This morning, while on Twitter (of corse!), I found a link to an article someone wrote on this new ‘medium’. It was a story about Shared Cities, specifically Portland, by Brian Chesky (co-founder, CEO of Airbnb).

Shared Cities //

There were a few things I loved about it, beyond the social consciousness of it. The look was visually cool, I love that there was a time on the upper corner on how long it was going to take me to read through it, because let’s be honest, time is everything these days. It had visual imagery illustrating the topic, as well as key points ‘telling’ me the information. But the best part was that it was just that – a story. Not a short, character # driven blurb on Twitter, it wasn’t someone telling me what they ate for dinner on Facebook (never do this), and it wasn’t a long winded depressing news break that I skim through, probably missing important stuff along the way because it was just TOO LONG.

Reading through the criteria, this is what Medium had to say on what to write about:

A particular viewpoint on the happenings of the day (or of the past), hard-earned knowledge about how to do something better, a story that makes people laugh, smile, or feel something meaningful. If you have thoughts to share that you want to impact or influence people with—beyond just your friends and beyond 140 characters—we want to provide the tools and the place.

I miss the idea of storytelling and I was inspired by the message, and the Medium (how’s that for a play on words?). I suppose at this point I would call myself a writer, I don’t know what the criteria is for this title, but I feel confident at this point that I can, at least, tell a decent story myself. I think a lot of us have something to say, and here is a way to express your words on a cool platform.

So what story would I tell the world? No, I wouldn’t talk about vampires or spring fashion trends, although perhaps an introspective about what vampires would wear for spring fashions would be a killer concept? No, I think this place would be a good platform to talk about stronger messages, actually talking about my mothers cancer, or social awareness on the ever pressing, and growing, issues swirling in my brain. It’s not a new idea, but a new look for the most ancient form of social media. Well done Medium.