Alright so I’m biting the bullet, and I’ve agreed to head down south for a little football action next weekend. This morning I’m thinking, now what should I be wearing to an illustrious fall down drunk event such as this? Upon googling ‘tailgating’ outfits this morning I had to discuss…

tailgating fail

I mean c’mon, I like to dress up like girl, but I’m pretty sure wearing faux fur would secure my omission of an invite to future games.

tailgating fashionista

The red stripper heels are super practical.

get the tailgate look

This one isn’t so bad for a warm non ‘Detroit in November’ game, but can someone explain why pressed powder made the list?


I greatly enjoy this posed sears catalogue rendition of a tailgate throw down, especially the mustard wielding girl. Where are the beer bongs? The drunk and disorderly? The person passed out in their own vomit?


This might be my favorite example of a team color FAIL. Yes, I think I will don a prim and proper tangerine church dress to wear to a stadium full of drunk guys flinging cups of beer. I do like the skinny jeans…but I digress.

tailgating sister

Finally this is my sister! A football tailgate ensemble we can all agree to! Warm, team support, warm, and a jaunty scarf to add some style to this fashion winner. Well done Steelers fan Laurie :)