So I heard about this last year but I was too late and didn’t get my act together to do it, but here I am a year later with a new book idea and I’m doin’ it. November is National Novel Writing Month – nanowrimo – whoop! It’s a writing challenge where you write 50,000 words, and finish a book in a month.  Now when, pray tell, am I going to find the time to write about 1666 words a day, along with two kids, two website jobs starting and plan two kids birthday parties? Who cares, I’m in!

I’m doing this for Lisa, who hates me for writing a cliffhanger on Fall From Grace (there isn’t a sequel for this bad boy), for Bryan who will read this in a day on the GO train, and for the simple reason that I woke up from a dream a number of weeks ago with this story line that’s been nagging me ever since and I feel I need to get it on paper (or computer), so it isn’t lost in the every day life scramble.

It’s also a way to connect with writers in my area, get feedback, and immerse myself into this new world instead of just thinking about it. I think it’s important to push yourself in life to do the things you’ve never had time for, or thought you didn’t. So here’s my wee push, wellll I suppose it’s a bit more like a shove down a giant ass hill…

nanowrimo //

So I plopped down a VERY brief synopsis to get my mind rolling last night, I think I’m calling it PROJECTION, but then again, perhaps something more interesting will flow into the juices as that title is a bit lame. It’s young adult/sci-fi and the story will probably change greatly as I start writing, realization setting in when I don’t have time to research anything scienc-y and make up all of that crap on my own :)


Human contact has been forbidden to non-relations since the contagion decimated about eighty percent of the population over two centuries ago. I haven’t touched another living person, other then my jackass stepfather Drew and my jerk-in-laws, since I was ten. Even then, contact is best kept to a once a year pat over the holidays. It was then that my mom died, leaving me alone figuratively, and pretty much, literally. I suppose being ‘alone’ is a broad term these days, you’re never truly alone with The Order breathing down your t-shirt.

We communicate solely through projections now. School and social hoo-rahs are all taken at home, in isolation, without the spread of disease or conflict — yip! (insert sarcasm). Interactions are only granted through approved holographic transmissions which can be a tad limiting on the fun meter. Sure I have a best friend, but I’ve never set foot in the same room as him, in fact I am not even sure if he lives on my continent.

Finding him was an accident, a fluke malfunction in our holos, that neither of us reported. In fact I’ve never told another living soul, other then Pete (the dog), about the glitch. Not even Becks from school knows that I’ve been having secret holo-chats with him for over two years. But soon that will be over and I will be left on my own again. The thought is crippling. 

How will I bear it once his arranged marriage takes him away from me? In 30 days he’ll be gone from his home to his new life, never to return. In one month he’ll be able to touch another girl, the first girl. One month until my world crumbles to crap. One month.