Cinder + Scarlet

I’ve seen these books a hundred times, picked them up and put them down again, not thinking they would be my thing. The cover of Cinder always grabbed my attention with the red high heel and mechanized leg shown under the skin, but reading the synopsis I wasn’t sold.

A few weeks ago I saw Cinder in a grouping of ‘top picks’ so I thought what the heck. I’m SO glad I did. So, briefly and completely not doing it justice, Cinder begins the saga with a girl who is cyborg. She’s a gifted mechanic working in a crappy market fixing robots and the like, rooted in this dystopian take on Cinderella. Enter sexy prince, crazy moon people, evil step mom – love!

I couldn’t get to Chapters fast enough to get Scarlet – book two. So Cinder is still involved in this one but we meet a whole new character base centred around a chick with a red hoodie, red hair and looking for her missing grandma…I think you know where this one is going. She falls for a guy named Wolf, big fight scenes, story lines intertwine with Cinder and I find myself anxiously awaiting Cress which is out February 2014. From Marissa’s website I find out that Cress is a girl trapped in space, all alone, with realllllly long hair – EEEEEEEEE – awesome right? Rapunzel!

I found myself reading these books and thinking, wow. Like holy wow, how did she come up with this? I’m always in awe of writers who create not only fantastic characters that draw you in with layers upon layers of personality, but developing entire universes in their heads. Oh and I must say that when you meet Captain Thorne, you too will develop a wee crush :) This chick inspires and amazes me – bravo Marissa Meyer!