So in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo on Saturday (AKA one of my favourite days of the year) I thought I would share some of my fav decorations and food ideas some of which I will be trying out this weekend.


I love the colour palette for this holiday…skulls and tacos, bright colours (OH MY!) with a dash of cacti and perhaps a few llamas or two. I mean, I have no idea if llamas are a thing but they are cute and really match the whole theme so I’m going with it.

I love this taco banner and cardboard cacti. Last year I did one from balloons which was cool until all the kids yanked the balloons off the wall. Side note: kids are ruiners.

How cute are these homemade cushions? (PS I have zero talent and won’t be making these)

A great kids craft to keep them busy while you drink margaritas, yup.

Super simple flower holder, I love it.

Another great way to keep kids ocupado

Those who know me understand that this would go up and probably stay up all year long, right beside the skull garland that I put up like 2 years ago.


I don’t have time to snag a great t-shirt but this one is perfect.

DIY Sombrero Headbands, need I say more?




So my neighbour and I collab on the food, and I know she will be making a vat of Blue Curacao (a given) and enough enchiladas for 800 so I decided this year I will go finger food and dips to appeal to the later crowds (me) who have had too much tequila and need some serious snacks (also me).

First off are these little dip cups, I mean, they’re perfect and easy and I can make them ahead of time which is important to recognize your faults as I tend to lose interest in cooking mid margarita.

CHURROOOOOOOOS…I need Rhianne (my neighbour and sweets queen) to make this, it’s importante!

No party would be complete with out jello shots…margarita jello shots, although Chad has told me no one would eat them so I will have to think on that one.

So as the week goes on, I’ll be making posts on instagram (@freshchick) with all my deco disasters/winners. Follow me there if you don’t already and so the count down begins!

Cinco, Cuatro, Tres…