My husband Always wonders why I have to stop TV shows and movies in order for him to tell me what is going on, and today I found the perfect answer to his question. I am a very visual person and when watching anything, I really focus on the pictures and not the content. Bad bad habit, but I digress. I’m the person who watches a hockey game and knows every ad around the wall by heart and has no idea what the score is. Another reason my husband hates watching TV with me. This is also why I have recently discovered that I actually get the scoop and absorb the gist when listening to the radio, so CBC has become my new news source and I’ve never felt more ‘in the know’!

This really answers some questions to on why I am such an avid reader, the pictures are formed by me, and not distracting me…I hate to coin Oprah, but perhaps this was an aha moment for me today :)