My husband will account to the long running joke of my sewing machine that I won’t sell and adamantly exclaim that I WILL learn to sew but really I keep it so my mother in law who is sew-er extraordinaire has something to do when she comes to visit :) She’s made a great dog bed, hemmed curtains, made pillows and little does she know that I need about 8 curtains sewn the next time she visits…shhh don’t tell :) However I came across this today and thought – this could be THE project that gets me there, gets me to learn to sew! I love fresh flowers and it is my guilty pleasure once a week to fill up on the sobeys deal of 3 bundles for 20 bucks. Surprisingly the flowers are beautiful and it keeps a dreary room from looking blah. However I think I may just head to a

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fabric store this weekend and try my hand at this project while my husband goes golfing for a work tournie and gets polluted… Here is the link on the ‘how to’: And the finished product! Adorable! If it works out you can tell what you are getting for birthdays, Christmas, house warmings….