So this post is inspired by my lovely sis-in-law as she embarks on a journey of home ownership – whoop! Cross your fingers for her as she puts in a bid today, but on a side note, this got me thinking about big houses, big spaces, and bigger design dilemmas. A lot of you know that my wee abode is like the size of a shoebox and relatives constantly tell me to move, that I need more space for my kids, blah blah blah. I’m just not willing to do this for cell phone spy removal a number of reasons:

Location, Location, Location!

Skids aside on the corner lot, we have great friends on the opposite (with a pool – boo ya!), my wonderful babysitter Rhi is literally 20 steps away, and Clifford has a playmate with Bentley even though they act like jerks and run into people while play/fighting and eat each others food and toys and then barf up stuffed animals on my lawn. We are also three blocks from main street which isn’t a whole lot to look at, but we’ve come a long way in the last few years gaining a wicked movie theatre – The Circle, De-tails is always a gift buying mecca, The Well coffeehouse just opened, Sophie’s cupcakes – yum, should I mention Wild Wing even though only the A-Dudes like it? The Cool Moose Ice Cream Parlour is literally right around the corner and the best is that we are stumbling distance from a fantastic restaurant – Bistro Seven Seven – whom still allows us to have big boozy dinners even though our noise levels clear out the top floor. I also have a gigantic yard, I can fit prob 7 cars in my driveway – which is surprisingly important due to neighbours large familial visits and our Potato Fest soirees. We can camp in our yard, boil 20 lobsters on our fire pit (Seafood Sunday is in a few days!), and we can walk to Sunday baseball, the annual O’Leary Curling tournie, all events at the ever important custom essay writing Alliston arena and most importantly we can make it to 185 (aka The Mortensens) in ten minutes flat (or 5 if you are racing a stroller down the street – not advisable though).

Less Cleaning.

It literally takes me an hour to clean it to a presentable tidy which is key when you have zero time to clean period. No need to elaborate, this is a great feature.

Creative Design.

When you live in a small space you are forced to purge regularly, buy zero furniture (unless you want to replace something – which I always do anyways – hence the Albert St ‘leave stuff on your lawn and it gets picked up in ten minutes’ feature), and be very creative in storage design. Everything needs a dual purpose. Oh and you can’t have 15 spatulas in your one tiny utensil drawer either. You must live clean and tidy and if you need a certain tool, you improvise, or borrow it from Ernie, who will have ten kicking around his garage. My Mom has a tupperware container for every possible size imaginable, and good for her, but it isn’t for me and I don’t see it as a necessary part of the way I want to live. What is also key in small space design is buying things you love. You have to be inventive when you plan your rooms and their functions, choose things you love, not things to fill up space and make sure everything has a dual purpose. I recently got to see my good friend Jo’s cottage this summer and it inspired me greatly. Every piece had a story as she had been collecting for years before finally breaking ground. It was overwhelmingly evident in the beautiful touches she placed in her space. Everything had a home which seemed like it had been in place for years instead of the few months they have been living there. There wasn’t too much or too little, it was just right (and no I am not talking porridge). I’m not saying you have to have a full designer inspired house – quite the opposite. I LOVE garage sale finds, painting an old table, a front door (twice – dammit crap green), or repurposing something from one room and moving it to another (I am queen of that). I move around crap almost weekly – change up pillows, our coffee maker changes locations all the time as does our dining table. I love to add in a cool throw how to detect cell phone spy software blanket according to the season, and paint something at least 3 times a year (sorry Troy). This week we are finally starting to plan our custom bookcase in the hallway upstairs to house my books, kids cool stuff and create a living space out of a hallway. Hard to do – yes – but once we finish I hope it will help us stay organized, infuse some fun pops of color, as well as become a place that I enjoy drinking a coffee while my kids run rampant between bedrooms. Oh and we FINALLY are replacing the bain of my existence – the ugly ceiling fan – whoopie!!!

Less Projects to Do.

e-spy cell phone I can’t imagine living in a big old fixer upper, the endless to-do list, the copious amount of weekend projects would suck the life out of me. Sure, we have stuff to do, and sure sometimes it takes an entire summer to re-paint the shed porch (still waiting) but imagine if we had MORE to do. I can’t, and I don’t want to live in a big old house that needs a ton of work, which is what I would have to buy as I couldn’t afford the perfect Gibson mansion. Whoa, ok this was a very long post which I didn’t intend, but I hope I have shown a plus side to living in a shoe box. We love living here, for all the above reasons, and even though the kitchen parties become quite tight, there is always room to dance on the kitchen table and do body shots on the island – right Roy? :)