I never thought when Wren is nearly two that I would be starting the old sleep training again but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Baby 2 is kinda a free for all when it comes to parenting as we have done things pretty much 100% opposite of Finn. And as I get to this point I ponder to myself, why didn’t we do things the same? Finn slept amazing, ate healthy, listened to us, and pretty much was a text book version of a kid. I guess karma loves to kick you in the ass. With The Beast, we teeter tottered on letting her cry it out, we left her soother in WAAAYYY to long (hence the sleep training at 21 months old) and we let her eat whatever the crap she wanted. She was so difficult that we found ourselves giving in to every tantrum which led me to wonder if it was our fault for faltering, or whether she is who she is and there is nothing we could have done better. I’m not sure Finn even had a cookie before his first birthday, whereas Wren’s 5th food group is popcicles – what an asshole I was. I think the issue is that for baby #1 you are spy app ON THE BALL. You read write an essay about your teacher the books, you shop at all the latest organic baby crap stores, and you dote constantly. You chat to your ‘new mom’ friends, compare stories and by god if you aren’t keeping up with everyone, you feel like a failed parent. When I am at the park

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and hear a bunch of ‘new mom’s’ chatting about making their own food, how their 2 month old has the perfect sleep schedule, or how they think that breast feeding until they are 2 is perfectly normal, I feel like punching something, or them. It isn’t even their fault really, there is so much pressure these days on parenting. I miss the good old days of kids sleeping in drawers, or being raised on carnation milk – true story – my Dad. I don’t know if we even bought Wren a new outfit until she was at least 6 months old. At some point we thought we had better buy something pink after strangers would ask how old our boy was in her array of blue sleepers from Finn. I used to clean and service the $1000.00 stroller for Finn, and now it is chucked how to spy on a cell phone into buy a dissertation online the shed, full of raisins and donut crumbs with the bar chewed to crap from Wrens teething. With Finn we made schedules for sleep training, writing it all down and following it to the nose on the times we re-entered the room as well as the amount of time we cuddled him – what a fucking know-it-all. With Wren we lay in bed, unsure of how long she’s cried, how many times, and eventually just gave her the soother every time she hollered at us, hence the 2 yr old with an addiction. On Friday Troy had enough and chucked the soothers out. It was erratic, unplanned custom essay writing service and shit show-ish – more our lifestyle now. When I came home Sunday night from a girls cottage weekend, hung over to shit and dying to go to bed, I won’t explain the expletives I provided Troy at 4 am after cuddling her off and on for 2 hours. We didn’t even give Finn a soother for more then a few months, fretting about teeth and god know what else. Last night she slept right through – hallelujah! – and I’m glad he took the first move and ditched the crutch that she formed. I won’t ever admit that to him, and I feel safe it admitting it here as he normally only reads the first few paragraphs of my blogs :) There is no real point here, I guess everything works itself out in the end, it’s just whether you want to be on the ball, or have it hit you on the head instead.