So a good friend emailed me last night and brought to my attention three more red items I can’t believe I forgot on my list. I won’t say her name but it rhymes with Gristen Kunby, and she loves white diamonds :) This is the girl who made her 4 yr old daughter run up to me at a Kindergarten book fair with a zombie high book telling me I should totally buy this… sadly I really wanted to but my pride jumped in & that’s what chapters online is for. This chick also sat in line with me for over an hour even though she was VERY pregnant, because I needed her to come see Twilight with me. Her first response to my blog was I can’t believe you forgot blood! Vampire blood! So while images on that ran quite gory, I chose a more tame ‘Edward’ version.

The cupcakes I can’t believe I missed, they are my favorite cake! And I mean, red wine, c’mon where was my head yesterday, I would be quite happy with these three things for the rest of my life. Thank you Kris…opps Gris.

Canada Round 2