So today I finally sent a submission for my book to an agent. After running through the email criteria (which agencies are SO picky over) about a 1001 times, I bit the bullet and did it. After 2 sweaty minutes of staring at the email I hit send, had a mini heart attack and it’s done. Now I’m not saying it’s a winner, it’ll be accepted and printed and I’ll be a novelist. Not even close. I just think it’s crucial in life to do something that terrifies you.

How else will you know what you are capable of? How else will you be able to push the envelope and say you’ve done everything you wanted to? This was a bucket list item for me. I loved doing it and have full intentions of self publishing if this avenue doesn’t work out, but I’ll never know unless I try. I mean someone out there might want to read it right? If anything it gives me a creative outlet to do something I love. I even let Troy read it which let me tell you was almost as scary as hitting the send in that email.

While speaking to a friend on the weekend who just completed a half marathon after giving birth only 6 months ago (I know – jerk!), it drove home the whole ‘goals’ thingie for me. Set goals, just do it, stop pussy footing around and give ‘er. No one is interested in hearing about the things you are thinking of doing, we want to hear what you did – no matter now big or little. We want to see you do something that you love. We want to see you talk about an experience that changed you. Even if it’s cutting your hair off, donating blood, volunteering at a dog shelter, learning to play guitar, taking a trip! Anything works as long as it is SOMETHING. Ok, now on to that neck tattoo….