So this topic is quite interesting to me as I have heard so many different opinions. You might be asking, what is a push present exactly…and I am here to tell you! When my friends started popping out kids these last few years, they joyfully showed me some forms of jewelry that their husbands got them post birth and labeled it a ‘Push Present’. A way of saying thanks, I guess, to their wives for all the labor crap they had to endure. I immediately went home and asked Troy why I didn’t get one, and why this was a new concept to me entirely. He replied: that’s because it is gay :)

With my second kid on the way, I have since thought about it some more and jokingly asked him what I was going to get. Now I am never one to say no to a gift, especially if it’s diamonds, but I do think that perhaps that I share in the idea of a made up reason to buy an expensive ‘insert fancy gift here’. I don’t expect Troy to go out and buy me a ring or necklace truly. What I DO expect and appreciate even more, is saving his money and taking me out to eat away from kids, or perhaps hiring a cleaning lady for the first few months, or even saving the cash and ordering a lot of take out seeing as no one is up for meal preparation when you haven’t slept in 3 weeks. I especially appreciate him coming home early from work for the first few weeks, taking the baby and handling bedtimes/bathtimes/anytimes that I need a break and he is ALWAYS stepped up to the plate and been there 100% for me and our first kiddie.

That being said, kudos for Dads who buy these things, but for me it is the little gestures that make the biggest difference. Plus maternity leave is basically a crappy time to buy lots of stuff considering the money situation that dwindles exponentially when we ladies are out of commission. It sounds a little silly of an idea as well in that I don’t understand why I need a necklace once I give birth…lay on a gym membership – now that would be more useful! Happy pushing ladies!

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