Am working on a new book called Projection, so as I sit here rewriting the entire thing cause it just wasn’t ‘there’ for me, I realize how much I draw from my own evilness into my characters when I write. Maybe I shouldn’t, but screw it, I like Lil just the way she is…dark :)

My mind reeled with the possibilities. The excruciating sameness of every single day shattered by something foreign, left me breathless. Sophia accidentally overdosing on her happy pills, Jeffery spontaneously combusting, Tad slipping and chopping his leg off with the axe, or maybe clipping some other important appendage. A smile began to curl my lips, my thoughts catapulting with a macabre enjoyment over their misfortune. It slightly disturbed me to garner satisfaction over such terrible accidents, but my whole existence was vexing enough to allow this momentary lack of judgement.