So I think I will take a hit from this post, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ll apologize right away to my beloved friends who will hate that I posted a pic of them, but please know that I chose it because you are awesome and always bring your A game to our ever frequent hoo ra’s. As most of you know, I’m a part of a family of friends who love to dress up for any reason whatsoever, so as an hommage to the best day of the year, here are some images that made me laugh all over again this morning. Some are halloween, but really we have about 3 parties a year in which we dress up and act like asses. Oh and then there are the nights that start out civilized until that one person has to seek out the hosts’ costume truck to

get us all to do an impromptu dress up gala. I love you all and I can’t wait for the next throw down :)