So long time no post. Apologizes but I was out east, attempting to work in a two bedroom cottage with 4 adults and 3 kids, so time was precious and I left my blogging to the way side. I do however have some time now to regal you all of my adventures…and adventures they were…well as much as a 39 year old can have an adventure.

It began solo with Finn and Wren in Tigger Town (Tignish for you ‘people from away’). This was the last ‘cute’ shot of the beasts at the airport. The others couldn’t be taken on account of my yelling at them.

Toronto airport //
It was windy, gusty and damp – so particularly awesome for my hair.

After a day of visiting, my sister in law, Julie, and I soon ditched our kids and headed to my old stomping grounds which as I have come to realize – I can’t recall anyone or anything about. We bonded over at Big Jugs, I mean Big Mugs (is that really the name?), with countless vodka tonics and busting up the empty dance floor until 2 AM – yes I stayed awake until then!

I spent all her money at Homesense and Target staging her house (aka taking over like the control freak I am), we watched a really funny movie that we can’t for the life of us recall the name, but will forever laugh over the Bryan Adams Reckless album reference from the guy that used to be on Wings (yes that’s how we told the story cause we couldn’t recall his name either).

We braved tropical storm Arthur at the China Garden in a power outage with a lonely candle in an ashtray to light up our egg rolls and we had so many giggles, I’m now suffering from Julie withdrawl :(.

Then I get the call from Troy that um, welllll, Clifford hurt himself somehow and is limping, better take him to vet. $4000 and a torn cruciate ligament later, I once again realize that cancelling our pet insurance is never in the cards for us. Thank God for my ma and pa who journeyed to fair Alliston to care for our Bionic dog who now can’t run, jump or barely shit for three months…good bye summer plans but such is life and we move on.

Troy entered back into the picture after a week in which his first stop in Summerside was Micheal’s Pizza (shocker) then back to Tignish for a few days of semi sun (and better hair days). Our great friends from Toronto then join us for a week at a cottage rental in Seaview. And so begins week 2 of gusty, blustery, damp weather – yip! Our booze bill was just shy of our food bill so you know how the story goes.

view //
We ventured to pizza delight for a 10 minute speed buffet lunch, to the aquarium which is really a bunch of fish in 6 tanks and a few starfish you can touch, but boasts an oddly amazing bird museum which really threw four year old Jack into an excitement coma.

wren aquairum //

starfish //
Shockingly one of my favourite days was one I didn’t even want to do. I mean who would willingly head to a water park with 5 kids on another misty, windy, damp and crappy hair day? Shining Waters in Cavendish was bombarded by us all and I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. After ten minutes we all looked like shit so whatever, let’s pet some damn goats and go through the crooked house 14,000 times.

wren fish //

wren boat //
Super happy Wren.

crooked house //
I did however get to two places that are so worthy of mentioning in this post. First was a shop in Charlottetown called Cottage Industry which I always make the drive to. I got an adorbs PEI print, and finally bought a coveted Turkish blankie that I’ve been panting over for months and a new make up bag that I can’t seem to put away as it sits on my bathroom shelf to be admired.

turkish throw //

After our pottery tour of the north shore, we came across a wee shop that had a few business cards of locals designers and one that particularly caught my eye – The Girl From Away. An inspiring design shop based out of an old schoolhouse in the middle of Route 7. I bought one of everything. 

girl from away //

I love my skipping ropes that I’m pretty sure I’ll never let the kids use and I got some cute art prints and PEI pencils for the bunkie.

Then came the Tignish wedding.

Let’s start with the church.

animals //
Wren jumping in front of the wedding video, furiously ripping pages out of the bible, with the worst case of ants in your pants I have ever seen. Finn lolling on the floor of the pew, asking why is God so BORING. Then a quick trip outside where he proceeds to pull his pants down to relieve himself during the ceremony…there has to be a law about that. A godly law. Afterwards, the kids asked for their treat that I promised them IF they behaved. I said, sorry you were jerks and don’t get a treat. Then I had to spend 15 minutes explaining to Finn that no I don’t like God more then him, although I certainly thought more fondly of him at that moment.

Once the sitter came, and we ditched the cranky heathens, we headed to the legion to drink the embarrassment away. First off I got in trouble for drinking outside – really? At the legion? But then some chick came in with a bottle of wine in her boyfriends pants and a corkscrew in her thong – classic. And so goes the tone of the night. The dancing began and pretty much didn’t stop until 2AM when we proceeded to park our butts in the legion parking lot for an hour, attending to Julies bloody toes from some unknown van accident? Some angel woman made sure we didn’t leave and drive home which was never something we would do, but it’s Tignish and there is nary a taxi stand within 60km, so we settled in and awaited our drive home thinking to myself, I feel like I’m 16 again…and it was so much FUN.

I tend to fear going to PEI sometimes, as I like my own space and have been known to be a little cranky if I don’t get time to myself, but this trip was so great I was sad to come home. I miss that my kids didn’t wear shoes for 2 weeks, I miss my giggles with Julie, I miss the wind (no I don’t), I miss the sad remains of a racoon that I ran by each day, marvelling in the surprisingly fast decomposition process, I miss the accents – god I miss the accents, I miss the people who are so nice and welcoming to me and my kids from ‘away’, and I miss that I have to wait another year to go back home.

kids flying //
This is the shot of the trip, think they had fun?

kids //