The other day someone mentioned that in the last few weeks our house has become the party hub with some sort of shin dig every weekend. Not to mention that each one required a certain level of dress up which should come as no surprise :)

Then Finn made a statement today that we have had people over at our place like EVERY day. I asked if he was ok with that, and he said he loved it, although he doesn’t always like it when Wren is here. Sorry dude, that’s inevitable. It really has been a busy month with Wren’s birthday, Halloween, our first Community Dinner, my parents visiting, and Thanksgiving. I don’t think it’s a shock that I’m always up for a swinging door party policy¬†so I¬†thought I would share a few memorable snaps on this boring Tuesday.

First up was a pre-drink pre-fancy dinner get together in the bunkie. A night out at Bistro can’t begin without a few beverages in the shed, of corse. Troy bombed this one.
ivisons //

Troy and the ‘penguin’ which I need to give Wes props for. We said it was fancy dress and he brought his A game.
a dudes //

I needed to add this pic highlighting my favorite thing about Troy, his laugh. I’m a nerd I know.
troy //

Next up – thanksgiving and our first annual Turkey ammalgamation with the Ivisons next door. We hosted pre-dinner cocktails and obviously dressed in our traditional party on top, turkey pants on bottom outfits.
thanksgiving //

Up Next – Wren turned 3! Princess party obviously…
Lawrences //

Chad in a tutu. Boom.
chad //

The smallest princess in town.
emma //

Troys co-workers wife made the cookies – they were amazing.
cinderella cookies //

Which brings us to All Hallows Eve. We are the WORST selfie takers EVER.
us //

The Hogan signature cocktail was a hit // The Bloody Syringe.
the bloody syringe //

The king of the north, batman/power ranger, owl princess.
Troy and Kids //

Hans Solo Cup and 50 Shades of Grey.
partygoers //

What party is complete without an 80’s reference?
80s //