So I guess I am baby thinking right now – sorry for the double kid blog! But as I can view my neighbors yard from my patio chair and see the plethora of primary colors exploding in the yard I am left with feeling less then impressed with outdoor kids equipment. Now I am all for stimulating the senses blah blah, but truly, can no one design a backyard that is pleasing to ,ahem, hip moms like me? I could spend a fortune but then I came across this gem and thought it was inspiring enough to save and will be my inspiration next year when we undertake the kiddie corner for the dual ankle biters.

So there still is color which I am sadly afraid of, but it is done in a cute and organic way. I love the little stump walkway which I can envision Finn hopping from continuously, and the funky orange horse (?) is so cute. The best part for me is the flag banner and also not shown was a cute table with non matching chairs in cute colors. Designer cheap, but really done well. Kudos to you!