Alright so watch out mes amis français (no I can’t speak the language of love, but I try), my sisters’ stagette is coming to Montreal this weekend for some good times, numerous body shots, and hopefully no arrests! Joking…sorta. But anyways as I think about this beautiful city, I’m delightfully checking out how I will spend my day on Saturday, with my lovely sis and best pal ‘the biz’ (don’t ask). Definitely we will start with an incredible hangover concoction due to the first

night impromptu throw down. Think Hair of the Dog and this cute kit from Knock Knock. Knock Knock // Next will include a major caffeine fix at local cafe, and I’ve heard great things about Pikolo…warm chocolate croissant please! // Shopping will definitely ensue down St.Catharine street beginning with Simons – a great spot for bargains. Simons // A more pricey but gorgeous option would be to check out Reborn in Old Montreal. Reborn // I’d love to take in an art gallery but I think I will be too pressed for time. If I was in town for longer, I’d definitely be checking this spot out -Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Art Museum Montreal // To end the day, I’ve made a big reso at Bevo in Old Montreal to kick off the festivities – looks delicious! Bevo Bar + Pizzaria // Wish us luck and hopefully we’ll come home with few injuries and lots of memories :)