Ok birthdays for the hellions are over – whew. But now we approach my dreaded holiday – dun dun dun (insert scary music) Christmas. I’m probably a small part of the world that hates this day intrinsically and I won’t bore you with why, it just makes me mad and I’m trying to change things up this year to make it better so I’ll let you know in january if I am a christmas convert (I doubt it).

The only thing I do look forward to is heading to the One Of A Kind Show in the big smoke and spending a bunch of cash on strange collectibles and beautifully created pieces of art. I’ve once been a part of this show as an exhibitor with my note cards and it is really HARD on these artists for 11 gruelling days in which their life is put on display for folks to hopefully take to. Nothing annoyed me more when someone would walk up and say – hey I could make this! Um, no you couldn’t you horrible insect because if you could, you would have already so stop being a jerk off and walk away showing this artist a bit more respect. A lot of these items take gruelling hours to complete and perfect and I for one appreciate the time and effort they put into their craft.

I always have a few favorites that I visit so I thought today I would pop a couple old favs and newbies and start planning my purchases – Troy stop reading now :)

Bookhou {booth q-07}. LOVE this designers aesthetic completely and buy something every year

BlackBird Pottery {booth j-19} . so adorable

Felt Factory {booth r-19} . want this so much

Foutu Tissu {booth v-20} .saw this booth last year – I love the cool ottomans // FMC Design {booth p-32} . concrete pendant love // Freshly Printed {booth j-25} . love the lobster napkins // Heidi Van Veen {booth h-11} . got a fox last year – the stockings are on my list