This morning I’m not sure what spurred on this conversation, but as I was congratulating Wren on zipping up her own coat I half heartedly joked that she was such a big girl and I was no longer needed for my kids.

I should have known Finn would stew on this and evaluate my statement intensely. A few minutes passed for him to collect his thoughts and here is what he told me:

Finn: Don’t worry mom, I still need you and here are the reasons why:

Sometimes I can’t get my coat zippered either. And who would clean the house for us? I’m not allowed to turn on the oven or the stove, so who would cook us food? If you weren’t here to mow the lawn and I wanted to hop outside (yes he used the word hop) then the grass would be a mile high and I couldn’t leave the house. Who would walk us to the bus? How would we get to school? We couldn’t go out and buy food either because I have no license and no way to get to the grocery store. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere, so we would never leave the house. We could never see our friends and never go to birthday parties.

Me: (of corse I have to be an a hole and make a joke) So really I’m your maid.

Finn: (looking visibly upset) No that’s not it at all mom. You do everything for us, you are always needed.

(commence a hole who starts to tear up at the bus stop)

I know Kristin will love this post, tell me I’ve gone soft and motherly, and this morning I did … for a few minutes at least. Sometimes we need to hear these statements from our kids, that in fact we do make a difference and we aren’t just glorified maids and cooks and personal shoppers and birthday party chauffeurs. As he waved from the bus at me, a huge smile on his face I couldn’t help but pat myself on the back for being so fucking awesome (yes mom I said the f word :).

The Finster