So this concept is quite new to me, I mean, I‘m aware of Marie Kondo’s wardrobe-focused tidying technique and this idea of only keeping clothes that spark joy speaks to me, even if I find it slightly hokey. However, I just assembled about 5 bags of clothes to donate this week and I find that I always have clothes to get rid of and never anything to wear. So when I began researching this topic I thought perhaps I’m doing it ALL WRONG. 

So here is what I’ve learned…

The money I’ve wasted is stupid. The time spent choosing outfits in a fit of fury when I’m trying to leave the house is dumb. The self-esteem issues aside, well, I think I need to do things better. To learn to shop smarter.

I came across a vlog the other day that left me intrigued. I can’t for the life of me find it (sorry!) but it was a good jumping off point to this subject. It also scared the shit out of me because the theory was that you only keep things you will absolutely wear in that season. You hold on to all the items that you love, that have a great cut and fit and you dump the rest. All purchases for that season are made at the beginning, your wardrobe is complete and you are done with shopping until the snow flies and the seasons shifts.

Ok that is scary but it gets better…

I never thought I bought a lot of clothes but judging from my 5 bags of things that are almost new, I think I’m living in la la land. When I have an event coming up, or really it could be a friends dinner party, or me sitting on my ass, let’s be clear I guess I love to buy clothes. But my method of shopping is erratic.

It consists of me roaring to Winners with an hour to spare, grabbing something that is OK and ‘will do’ but perhaps isn’t fitting quite right or the colour might be a little off, but it’s in my cart and I’m gone. I don’t think it happens too often that I LOVE IT and have to have it. It’s more, well, I want to wear something new, this will be alright, SOLD.

Stylists explain a capsule wardrobe as a small group of items that all work together, that you love to look at, it sparks happiness, and makes you feel great when you have it on so therefore you should never run around in a fit of rage, late for wherever you are going, your husband rushing the kids out of your way because he knows that you are about to erupt.

You mean that isn’t the norm for everyone?

Ok so when I think about this in my own closet, how much of my clothes do this for me? Hmmm, let me think. Well…I mean, I guess um, I have 3 dresses which I really like. Maybe 2 sweatshirts, definitely only 1 t-shirt, 1 bathing suit, jammies I’m plentiful with, ZERO pants, maybe 1 pair of jeans I just bought and probably 1 skirt but it doesn’t quite fit me anymore so I guess 0 skirts.  So what does that leave me with? Up shit creek is what.

A tad jarring when you think about it closely isn’t it? Plus when I factor in that most of these things are summer clothes, I’m left feeling like I need to figure my shit out.

Even today I’m running up near Barrie for an apt. and I’m thinking I should pop into Winners and get a new skirt but no I’m going to think on this more.

I’ve done some research and found a couple really good resources in the links below. The first one was the best example of figuring out how to plan for this. She also was great at defining what this capsule consists of and then building onto it. I like how she recognizes that she is a magpie and has a whole bunch of items in her own closet. Although that would be great, I just don’t have the closet space for anything close to that.

The second video is more me. She has a small space and pulls out the pieces she won’t wear in that season and stores them away. This is something I’ve never done and now that I think about it, prob why I never have anything to wear. Most of my go to items are summer, and if it’s winter, I wear sweat pants and a tee and really who am I kidding, that is yuck.

I love how in the first video she breaks things into 3 categories which really helped me.

1. What is your lifestyle?

2. What is your personal style?

3. What flatters you?

I mean, bells are ringing and I’m thinking why have I never thought about this before?

So if out of all that I realize my lifestyle is freelancer, stay at home comfort, with some prints and girly touches here and there, vee necked shirts and high waisted pants then why is half my ‘winter’ closet party clothes and coats I rarely put on? And why don’t I own a pair of dress pants?

I feel a light bulb sparking on right now. So ok, I’m on it. I’m going to post a photo of my closet from today, during my purging and then of my after, this is going to get interesting….

before…busting out loads of chaos

the purge

all my summer clothes taken out – bye bye cute dresses!

the massive hanger pile – troy is going to be so excited

the after which shocks me how un-colourful I am in the winter…I guess it’s time to shop! No wait, that is the whole point of this exercise…

In the end I have to say I LOVE the purge, I always have and now that I can clearly see what I have for fall, I have a way better idea on what I need. Definitely no sweatshirts.

Happy purging!



Great info on what makes up a capsule wardrobe. She defines the concept very well but that it should be based on your personal style, and also isn’t rigged on getting rid of everything. She’s more about building an incredible base which makes up your capsule and having layers after that which complement it.

Really loved this girls style, how she had minimal space but kept things less rigid number of clothes and more about summer vs. winter style and what she would realistically wear.

More straight laced – very literal on what you need but didn’t mention dresses which I wear a lot of so less relatable to me. But I liked the rules she had.