So I know spring seems sooooo far away, but I saw a bunny in my backyard last night and I am taking it as a sign that summer is coming! Ok I have no idea whether bunnies come out more in spring – but it’s like bunnies=easter=christ rising up=summer right? Ok pardon me if that jesus reference isn’t true – I forget when he does that. I just know bunnies=chocolate=summer!

I’m off track again. So where I was going with this is a few items I NEED this spring in order to SURVIVE the next few months. TROY TAKE NOTE AND AVOID THE CREDIT CARD BILLS :)

Everything is from West elm, it is MINE! I guess it is an ALL CAPS day :)

Clockwise from left to right – This chandelier is wicked, I don’t know where it can go but I’ll figure this out later. I love mis-matched plates and this navy set reminds me of waves and ocean breezes – ahhhhh. Everyone needs a pouf…yes they do. Antler pillow isn’t spring – but I will keep it for next winter. Awesome cutting boards with dipped ends. These bowls match my yellow ones I bought and I want one in every pattern. These curtains are my crux. They are like 80/panel and Troy is like WE HAVE A PORCH TO PAY FOR! AND A TRIP! CURTAINS ARE FRIVOLOUS! But c’mon man – these are not at all. I am really into Navy lately – and want to paint like a wall navy so I will just tell Troy it is him either spending a weekend painting or just buying curtains – easy win right? Finally this pinky rug just makes me smile and it would be a lovely contrast with my navy obsession and plus pink is SPRING!

Ok gotta run, Finn is prob waiting for me outside school thinking – mom? mom? where is my mom? brrrr it’s cold without my mom picking me up.