So I’ve been away. Annual trip to PEI to see family – check – and then boom I’m practically single! Let’s move back a few steps with some delightful lead up. Our conversation many months ago: Let’s drive to PEI with the kids, it’ll be ok, they are old enough! 5 minutes into the drive…Finn: are we there yet? How many days? Hours? Seconds? (4 millions random questions later and only passing Belleville) Are we there yet? Minutes? Seconds? Can I play with the tablet? Wren: Look I’m not puking! (as she casually eats all her markers)… Which brings me to how I know Troy and I are either Masochists, or stupid…next conversation pre trip: We need to break down and buy a tablet so the kids can watch movies in the car. I know it goes against are insane granola belief that the first table the kids use, they will have bought themselves but we have to have some peace on the 3 day trip right? *Buys tablet… Finn: Can we use the tablet again? Troy: No! Look out the window, like we used to as kids! Wren: I want the tablet. Me: NO ONE IS GETTING THE TABLET! *Piles out of car in Edmunston, why did we not just give them the tablet? Who cares if their minds were turned to mush, they would have at least stopped…Finn: How many seconds till we are there? Me: NO MORE QUESTIONS! Finn: How come we can’t ask questions? Me: That’s another question. Finn: HA HA right! But… Me: NO MORE QUESTiONS FOR 5 MINUTES! Troy: Mom needs a break, no more… Wren: Can I have the tablet? Both parents: Holy mother F*cking…. Never in my life did I imagine the reality of the often joked about question: Are we there yet? And never in my life do I want to here those shit eating 4 words again… But there’s a silver lining! We left the kids in PEI and came home without them! Yes people, we were terrible, selfish (& awesome) parents who felt the kids needed to BOND with the family so we jumped in the car at 5AM faster then I have ever gotten ready in my life and we drove to Quebec City. Yes Old Quebec, or as the tourists says Vieux Quebec because once you set foot in Quebec you suddenly feel like you can speak the language and you do so at every possible chance you get. Une verre du vin rouge s’il vous plait is all you really need to learn… So we spent some time there, and then headed home to our little, quiet house which is what this post is actually about. My rambling preamble because I research project on social networking sites missed writing so much. The real point here is how life feels with no kids in the house. I admit, I miss the little shits with all my heart. I miss Wren doing everything in her power to piss Finn off. I miss listening to 7 hours of the mermaid show every day. I miss their constant bickering, punching, endless requests for food, for band aids (because even a poked toe REQUIRES a band aid)…yes I miss them…ha ha I can barely contain my sarcasm! Ok I do miss them, truly I do, but they are gone for about 2 weeks from us and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to enjoy every fucking second. So in the spirit of the post, my inspiration for writing this, I’ve created a list of how life is different this week :) 1. I think I’ve done like one load of laundry and that was more a pity wash, like I felt I should do some housework 2. Grocery shopping was about 85.00 cheaper 3. Although we plowed through that cash save by impromptu trips to Wild Wing and Shoeless Joes…just cause we can! 4. The house is filled with good music all day long…no mermaid show allowed. 5. I was able to work until whenever I wanted yesterday, which might sound lame to you, but it was blissful being engaged in a task and not have to run to the bus, make a snack, yell at a kid, or generally do anything but sit at my desk, play music very loudly and work until I wanted to stop. 6. Meal times are…SO AMAZING. I don’t hear ‘EWWWW I HATE SALAD’, ‘I can’t chew pork mom you know that!!!’ and ‘I HATE PIZZA’ (who fucking hates pizza but my kids). Plus we are able to eat dinner in an actual normal time frame, like not 2 spy cell phone hours to eat a hamburger. We cook dinner together, we sit down, we eat it, we complement each others dish and then we clean up and boom, dinner is done! No bribing needed, which leads me to #7. 7. I haven’t negotiated anything all week. No, if you eat your salad, I will let you have a gummy worm…No, if you don’t go to bed we aren’t seeing Jaedyn on the weekend…No, if you get along like normal siblings for 10 minutes while I try to work, I will give you a dollar. NOTHING. Amazing. 8. I can get up whenever I want…which is still 6:30 or earlier, but now I can pee and go back to cheap essay writing service bed and read. HEAVEN. This morning I fit in an entire book before 9, yup it was awesome. 9. Troy was able to dig a pit, fill it with rocks (for the hot tub) with no kids coming over to ‘help’ or complain, or throw rocks at each other, or ruin the perimeter by walking a tightrope along it. It took him 2 days and not 200. A record. 10. I haven’t found anything edible or pointy in my bed all week. Ok that sounds really bad, what I mean is, I haven’t rolled over into a chip, found handfuls of goldfish crackers, or woken up with a barbie shoe lodged in my forehead. A bed with no kids clamouring to watch TV in while they eat (throw) popcorn is a thing of beauty. So while I have a few days left and I really am starting to miss the wee ones, lined writing paper free download I will continue to enjoy every quiet, clean, relaxed, awesome, boozy moment without guilt because come a few months when we are all trapped inside this small house while a storm blazes at our doors and we are all yelling at each other to stop yelling at each other, this is the week I will zone out to and recall with pure happiness.